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UV Cure Coatings Offer Performance, Economic and Environmental Benefits in Many Applications

One of the fastest growing segments in the paint and coatings industry is ultraviolet (UV) processing to cure or dry a coating on wood, metal or plastic products. Ultraviolet cure coating — also known as UV cure coating — is increasingly used in place of conventional high heat processing to produce coatings with improved properties, cut the overall cost of coating operations (especially the natural gas costs to bake cure) and reduce the environmental impact of the coating.

In a UV cure coating process, the ultraviolet light spectrum generated by a UV lamp interacts with special coating chemistries (which Bayer MaterialScience supplies) to produce a high-quality, durable coating. In many applications, UV curing can achieve the coating faster, and therefore at a lower total cost than many other coating processes.

Furthermore, UV cure coatings are considered environmentally friendly because most of the solvents that are necessary in other coating chemistries and processes are not needed in UV cure coatings.

This powerful combination of cost, quality and environmental benefits, as well as constant refinement of the technologies behind UV cure, is helping UV cure coating technology to expand into more market segments.

As one of the world's leading suppliers of coatings raw materials, Bayer MaterialScience has been a leader in developing specialized raw materials and new technology breakthroughs for UV cure coating. Bayer is a member of RadTech International North America, the industry association for developing and promoting UV cure and electron beam cure coating technologies.


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